Concrete Promo Ltd was launched by Steve Stimpson.The company was set up in 2009 to inject a stale and basic promo format with a 1 stop forward thinking shop. The main motive being International exposure all under 1 global roof. A firm leader across the world, ensuring professional delivery of your releases using our extensive personal contacts inaddition to a number of credible methods.

Head Office | Club Promo | Radio Plugging | UK Residents | International Residents | Remix Roster | Consultancy | Ibiza Promo Campaigns | Light Management Services

Online PR | Blogs Servicing | Social Media | Worldwide Licensing | Publishing| Consultancy

Over 2000 high profile Promo Campaigns since 2009

700 plus Remixes for leading labels and brands

Extensive recommendations from leading labels

Invaluable willingness to get onboard and collaborate at artist, management and label levels.